The James River Water Development District (JRWDD) is a political subdivision of the State. The purpose, duties, functions and other controls relating to water development districts are found in South Dakota Codified Laws Chapters 46A-3A through 46A-3E. The districts have a board mandate to work to promote the conservation, development and proper management of water resources within their respective boundaries. On a practical level, almost any activity involving water can be considered by the districts. Water development districts have no regulatory authority.


The James River Water Development District includes all of Brown, Spink, Beadle, Sanborn, Davison, Hanson, Hutchinson, and Yankton counties; Buffalo, Dayton, Dumarce, Eden, Fort, Hamilton, Hickman, Lake, Lowell, Miller, Newark, Newport, Pleasant Valley, Red Iron Lake, Sisseton, Stena, Waverly, Weston, and Wismer townships in Marshall County; Pleasant Valley, Bristol, Belford, Cooper, Firesteel, Palatine, Plankinton, Hopper, Pleasant Lake, Dudley, and Aurora townships in Aurora County; and all municipalities that are wholly or partially within the included area or that are contiguous to the included area.