Welcome to the home of the James River Water Development District

The James River Water Development District is a political subdivision of the State. South Dakota Codified Laws Chapters 46A-3A through 46A-3E provide the legal basis and mandate for the District. The District promotes conservation, development, and proper management of its water resources according to District priorities. It provides technical, organizational, and financial assistance to perspective and existing projects. The District has developed programs and expertise designed to address those issues more important to its constituents.

The James River Water Development District includes all of Brown, Spink, Beadle, Sanborn, Davison, Hanson, Hutchinson, Marshall, and Yankton counties; Pleasant Valley, Bristol, Belford, Cooper, Firesteel, Palatine, Plankinton, Hopper, Pleasant Lake, Dudley, and Aurora townships in Aurora County.

Our Vision
The JRWDD plans and implements programs and projects that support the restoration of the James River Watershed and Ecosystem. We will continue to improve the services we deliver and the benefits we provide to our community.

Our Mission

To serve as the principal guide for the expenditure of water development revenues, to influence federal funding decisions to follow local policies and priorities, and to identify areas for technical assistance. The projects leading to the successful completion of our mission may include but are not limited to:

• Engineering or environmental studies (i.e. EIS)
• Domestic water supplies
• Water based recreation
• Drainage
• Lake improvements
• Sanitary sewer projects
• Infrastructure development